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Desirèe D'Aniello

You can find me in Hundige, Copenhagen county

 I have a passion for transformations and my favorite thing in the world is to see how people evolve personally. Dreadlocks has been my life since 2002 where I started making synthetic dreads. Using my free time to create beautyfull dreadheads has been my path for many years, but in 2018 I realized that the option of making real natural permanent dreads, could be a life changer, when I enrolled in the Seienstyle course.

My passion has become my full time occupation, and I'm honored that so many people want me to take their hand and guide them on their dreadlock journey.
I keep getting astonished about the different looks each new dreadhead has. Dreads are not just a hairstyle - dreadlocks will highlight who you are for the world to know.

Services offered at:

Natural dreadlocks

Maintenance of natural dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks with extensions

Extending mature dreadlocks

Synthetic dreadlock extension, custom made and premade

Wool dreadlock extensions, custom made and custom dyed

Almost all types of hair extensions (weft, strands, tape ect)

Handmade jewelry and dreadlock decorations

Location: Hair Envy Extensions Clinique. 
Waves Shopping Center
Over bølgen 2, 2.floor
2670 Greve

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hairenvy.dk

Hours: No walk-in, only open when booked appointments.
Booking on https://daniello.onlinebooq.dk
Free consultations can only be booked by contact by email or on facebook/instagram.


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