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Emelie Nordquist

You can find me in Kungsbacka, Sweden


Hi! My name is Emelie Nordquist and I am the mastermind behind Dreads by MLI. You can find my salon in Kungsbacka, Sweden.
I am an affiliate of Ann Marie Christell CEO @ Seienstyle. I took part on her first professional dreadlock course in Stockholm September 2017 and recieved my affiliation in August 2018.
I'm a creative soul that finds inspiration in everything that surrounds me, everything between the big city to wildlife nature. Nature is an endless playground for recreation, well-being and relaxation for me and I love to spend my free time in the woods with family and my dog Nanna, my happy little companion.


Since my teenage years I have been expressing my creativity with hair and makeup and always have had the feeling like this is something I really wanted to do for a living.
Said and done, today I am an professional Dreadlock artist, Certified Makeup Artist & hairstylist and living my dream.
So, why dreadlocks?
I have always been facinated of them and how awesome it looks. One of my biggest style - influences is the skateboarding and surf scene, where dreadlocks is mainly common. I have been longing for dreadlocks since childhood, but didn't have the guts to fix them because I was afraid that people was going to think that I was wierd or disgusting because of some of the bad myths regarding dreadlocks. 
But I got older and wiser, and today I proudly wear my dreadlocks and spreading knowledge about them, that they're not dirty, smelly and have nothing to do with drugs at all. 
Time is changing and trends to. Dreadlocks have really helped me to continue expressing my personality, and I want to keep on spreading the good word and knowledge about dreads so more peolpe dare to wear this wonderful hairstyle with pride!

Services offered at :

* Dreadlocks on your own hair
* Dreadlocks with extensions
* Extending already existing dreadlocks
* Partial Dreadlocks 
* Dreadlocks Maintenance 
* Dreadlock up-do's 
* Dreadlock decorations
* Natural hairextensions (braid technique)
Location: Kungsbacka, Sweden. 
The salon is only open at pre-booked time, and you get the entire address when booking an appointment.

Contact me:

Website: Coming soon!

I'm looking forward to help you with your dream hair 🌸

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