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Esther Francis

You can find me in  Vlaamse Ardennen, Belgium

Hi there! My name is Esther and i am the face behind Moonweaver, at the moment i am traveling between Anvaing & Ghent in Belgium. 
I started my affiliates training in 2019 & i am proud to be a Seienstyle Affiliate since September 2020.
As a visual artist i love being a Loctician because i can combine all of my creative skills and share the joy of transformational empowerment with my clients.
I offer a wide variety of dreadlock services & in my webshop i sell dreadlocks accessories like dread beads, hairwraps and dread ties. Some of these are made by me with love. By working with all natural products and using upcycled materials, i hope to share with you my passion for nature & keep an open mind, heart and soul.
List Dreadlock services i offer:
- Dreadlocks Maintenance: root maintenance, full length maintenance or healing maintenance (intense / repair)
- Creating Dreadlocks with your own hair: single dreadlocks, partial dreadlocks), full head of dreadlocks
- Creating Dreadlocks with Extensions (100% human extension hair): single dreadlocks with extensions, partial dreadlocks with extensions, full head of dreadlocks with extensions.
- Extending your already existing dreadlocks (With 100% human hair + includes maintenance) : extending of single existing dreadlock, extending of your partial existing dreadlocks, extending a full head of your already existing dreadlocks
- Decorating your dreadlocks (option): customized with cotton / hemp thread 
- Blunted ends (optional) 
- Dreadlock advice
- Wool dreadlocks 
In my webshop if offer: Metal beads for dreadlock or braids, selfmade wooden beads for dreadlocks or braids, selfmade hair wraps, selfmade dread ties, Postcards,...
Salon Name: Moonweaver 
Phone: +32 497 73 46 64
Social media: instagram @moonweaver_
Open hours: 10:00-17:00

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