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Hanna Johansson

You can find me in Grythyttan Sweden

My name is Hanna and I’m the owner of salon Dreadfulness, located in Grythyttan, the northen parts of Örebro län. I graduated from Seienstyle in January 2019 and now is an official Seienstyle affiliate. Not only will I give you your dream hair when you come to visit me, but you will also meet my two cats, as the salon is part of my home.

Even though I´ve been interested in dreadlocks for many years, and seen plenty of photos and videos of it, I had difficulties to gather up the courage to actually have them made. The biggest part of my fear was because of my public job, as well as believing all of those myths surrounding the art of dreadlock making. When I found Ann-Marie and Seienstyle, and read about how most of the sayings about dreadlocks is, in in fact, myths, I felt it was finally my time. I´ve had dreadlocks for 1,5 years now, and I haven´t regretted a single second of it. This is the hairstyle which mirrors me as a person perfectly. 

And so, after a lot of consideration, I realised that I wanted to let other people have the same journey as I did; to find the hair and hairstyle which would suit them. I think the art of dreadlock making is amazing, I get the chance to be both creative and social, which is two of my most beloved intrests. And finally, to witness the joy in my customers sure is the icing on the cake.

Services offered at Salon Dreadfullness:

  •  Dreadlocks on your own hair
  • Dreadlocks with extensions
  • Extending dreadlocks
  • Dreadlock Maintenance
  • Partial dreadlocks



Hantverksgatan 2 B, 712 60 Grythyttan, Sweden

Email: [email protected]




Phone: +46 76 36 81 795


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