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Jamie Robinson

You can find me in Florida USA

Hi my name is Jamie Robinson.
I am the face behind Hair Maiden Salon . You can find me in Maitland, Florida . My biggest revelations this month have been  giving my clients an accurate estimate of time on getting their dream dreadlocks Sometimes it takes extra time and love to get damaged dreadlocks back to life. Extensions can take some time but when done properly are extremely worth the wait! One of the reasons I love the craft and art of making dreadlocks is the transformation of the person in front of you. It is such an honorable and experience to make someone's confidence soar. This can be an experience that we provide that people have been wanting for years! With saying that, some things you should think of before getting your new dream dreadlocks created.. first and most important your  hair should at least be 10cm in length. Your hair should be prepared with dreadlock shampoo before the service. The reasons for this is that very clean hair can lock much easier than hair drenched in parabens and oils.  Of course this will all be discussed in the consultation beforehand along with your desired dreadlock size, color, length and if applicable hair exstentions along with hair samples. The things my clients ask me the most are how soon can I wash my hair after dreadlocks ? And can I color my hair after dreadlocks? How often do I need to come in for maintance? 
I reccomend that my clients do lot wash their hair for at least 3 week after they have had their dreadlocks done.. I also reccomend they purchase  a suitable dreadlock shampoo from my salon or an affiliate dreadlock salon. 
You can color your dreadlocks after the first 5weeks
. I reccomend that they do not use a color with a peroxide higher than 20 volume and I also recommend a permanent with 10 vol or a semi permanent.. I don't usually reccomend bleach unless I am the stylist providing the service.
Most maintance is done in the 4weeks to 6 weeks.. some people prefer to do 2 months to say in their budget. I reasurre my clients that the maintenance goes as so.. the first maintenance can be about a month to 6 weeks later, then it can go 2 months, 3 months and do on as your dreadlocks mature and how you like them to look and feel. 
Some of my deadhead clients share with me their lives, spiritual beliefs, stories, life experiences and attributes.
Tge biggest thing I help my new dreadies is helping them achieve who they really want to be as a deadhead and help them feel truly beautiful in their own skin.
My more dread mature clients we learn new things together every day and form  long term friendships and  I feel like we are peers almost like they understand the counterculture. I am grateful everyday for what I do.
Much Love,
James (what my friends call me❤)

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Services offered at:

·Dreadlocks on your own hair
·Dreadlocks with extensions
·Extending dreadlocks
·Dreadlock Maintenance
·Partial dreadlocks






1630 S. Orlando Ave suite A,

Maitland, Florida 32751


Phone: (407) 376-1248






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