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Laura Maan


You can find me in Zaandam Netherlands

Hi there! I'm Laura from Rebel Dreads, based 10 minutes from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 
After admiring dreadlocks for many years I decided to do the Seienstyle course in 2018 and I became an Affiliate in February 2019.
Dreadlocks give a distinct look that you often wear for years. That's why you want to look in the mirror afterwards and be able to say proudly: “Yes, this is me! I finally look the way I feel inside. "
This is exactly the result that I want to achieve with every customer.

What is really appealling to the technique we use is that the dreadlocks fall incredibly naturally and mature quickly.
Getting dreadlocks is a process: the dreads "mature" over time. With this technique your new dreads will allready look great the moment you leave the salon and over the next year will get their unique shape.

I receive a huge diversity of customers: men and women, young and old, and from all environments and origins. But what they have in common is the need to show their unique, colorful side to the outside world. This also makes my work incredibly fun and fascinating.
I look forward to making the look of your dreams come true with you! 

Laura Maan 

Services offered:

- New dreadlocks (also partial)
- New dreadlocks with human hair extensions
- Extending allready existing dreadlocks
- Dreadlock maintenance and repair 
- Dreadlock decoration 

Rebel Dreads salon, 

Location is Zaandam, the Netherlands. After booking you will receive the full adress. 

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +31 6 46922488


Hours: Only open by appointment. You can call anytime between 10:00 and 17:00


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