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Nanda Weima

You can find me in northern part of the Netherlands, near Leeuwarden.

Hi, my name is Nanda Weima and you can find my salon Peekaboo Dreadlocks in the northern part of the Netherlands, near Leeuwarden.

I've always had a love for dreadlocks since my teens, but I did not have the guts to wear them myself. Not long ago I saw this beautiful dreadhead with her wild manes looking so free in spirit, that was a magical moment for me. In a split of a second I saw myself in her appearance. There was no doubt...I became a dreadhead myself a few weeks later.

I felt I was ready for making a shift and started to read as much as I could about dreadlocks and the maturing process. I was taking things seriously and started the course of Seienstyle and became an affiliate in june 2019.

I love making dreadlocks and connecting with people with the same passion and thought about life. Dreadlocks is so much more than just a hairstyle. It's about expressing yourself, listening to your inner voice and dare to be your true self.

The services I offer:

* Dreadlocks on your own hair

* Dreadlocks with extensions

* Extending dreadlocks

* Dreadlock Maintenance

* Partial dreadlocks

* Hairwraps

Location: Giekerk, the Netherlands

Email: [email protected]




Phone: +31613800807

Hours: Only open by appointment on monday - friday.


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