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Synthetic dreads are for you that want to try out to have dreads, but who’s not sure if you want to commit to it for a long time or if you’re afraid to ruin your hair.

It works great if you for instance have shorter hair, want to let it grow and try something new in the meantime.

It’s possible to make synthetic dreads look completely natural and it’s also possible to make them totally perfect, I’ll adapt this according to what look it is the customer wants.


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How does it work?

I’ll start with mixing the shades of color that’s needed to match your hair color (you can also choose color effects).

I take a piece of your own hair and some synthetic hair and make an approx. 2 cm long braid, it is then attached with a synthetic fiber thread. This braid doesn’t damage your own hair.

The synthetic hair is then backcombed and shaped into a dreadlock with the help of my ”steamer” that produces hot water steam.

Your own hair hangs loose alongside the synthetic dreads.

Do you have to make the whole head with synthetic dreads?

You can either make a whole head of dreads so that it looks like your own whole hair is dreadlocked or you can attach only a few dreads that will fill out one’s own hair, or as color effects.

How long does synthetic dreads last?

In order for the hair to look beautiful and not to take any harm, you have to remove the synthetic dreads or reattach them after approx. 3 months because you’ll get a regrowth during this time and even if you don’t comb out this outgrowth in a few months, the hair will start to dread itself.

The synthetic dreads that I make are of high quality and will last long, you can have them up to two years in your hair.

But you should reattach them every three months.

How do I take care of my synthetic dreads?

Wash your hair with a silicone-free shampoo 1-2 times a week, when your hair is damp you can pull your fingers through your hair to make sure your own hair doesn’t get matted in-between the dreads.

Once a day you can spray conditioner spray on your synthetic dreads to make your own hair feel good and for the dreads to look beautiful longer.

It’s not so much harder than this to take care of synthetic dreads.

Can you make dreadlocks and send to me?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer to send synthetic dreadlocks by post, I make all dreadlocks directly on my customer’s head to make them fit and work best specifically for your hair.

Find the loctician that is closest to you!

Seienstyle is a sustainable hair salon

For me it is super important to work as eco friendly and non-toxic as possible and have an enviroment around me that is a reflection of this. Everything that I use in the salon is eco friendly and I work with holistic hair methods that gives a possibility to help you from the inside and out.

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