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Therese Walther You can find me in Kramfors Sweden

Hi! My name is Therese I’m the face behind the salon Dreads And Stones you can find me in Kramfors  sweden it's located in the beautifull High Coast, I also often travel to Spain. 
I love making dreadlocks because it is a beautiful art form and every dreadlock is unique. I love to see how the person becomes more and more confident. In the end you can see how there inner self lights up.

Services offered at :

Dreadlock on your own hair. 
Dreadlocks with extension. 
Dreadlock Maintenance. 
Extension of existing dreadlocks. 
Dreadlocks decorations. 
Custom order synthetic dread sets.

You can find Therese at

Dreads And stones

Nyadal 160




email: [email protected] 

Ph: +46735786528


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