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Zarah Anliot

you can find me in Denver Colorado USA

Hi my name is Zarah Anliot.

I started my Seienstyle training in June 2019, and I finished my last hair model in December that same year to earn my Seienstyle affiliate. The fiery passion I feel for this creative and expressionistic artform has brought my life purpose and inspiration. I started my dreadlock business in late August under the name Dread Vibez here in Denver, Colorado and it has been a pleasure since day one.

Dread Vibez is the energy we feel when hair and spirit align. It is the fun in everything dreadlocks and the intention to spread knowledge about the beauty of dreadlocks for anyone, anytime, anywhere, and everywhere! We provide the full dreadhead experience; from the initial consultation of creating new dreadlocks – permanent or temporary – , to the regular maintenance, and everything in between. Everyone’s dreadlocks are unique. It’s important to know how to care for them as they mature and grow. I take pride in caring for my clients and supporting their full dreadlock journey.


I have invested all my time and money in this, and I have never felt more motivated about anything. The passion I feel for making dreadlocks, taking the step to run my own business, meet people, put myself out there, and do something that makes me excited to wake up in the morning; feels like an ignition of the creativity my life was lacking. I love learning, and this profession lets me evolve as I continue to learn and absorb knowledge that I can share with my clients and fellow locticians.   

The people that comes to my chair are the most beautiful humans! To see the transition of new dreadheads and the appreciation from serving people with dreadlocks, has brought meaning to my life. Dreadlocks gave me my super-powers, and now I am paying it forward thanks to Seienstyle!

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Featured in Voyage Denver - Most Inspiring Stories

Featured in Natural Awakenings Mile High Edition – Aligning Hair and Spirit with Dreadlocks


  • Dreadlocks in your own hair (with or without extensions)
  • Dreadlock maintenance
  • Extending dreadlocks
    · Synthetic dreadlocks 


Dread Vibez

1620 Platte Street

Denver, Colorado 80202

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +1 720 965 9603

Social media: @dreadvibezllc

Hours: By Appointment Only


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