Ask me anyting about dreadlocks 10th of september

dreadlocks Sep 10, 2018


What is it that you want to know about your dreadlocks?  Lets face it dreadlocks are wierd and can act in many different strange ways.

In this live stream I talk about the importance of using a good dreadlock shampoo that will help your hair to lock up in order so that you can have a beautifull dreadlock journey because I know that the easier it is for you to take care of your dreadlocks the better!

Do you want to become one of my students hairmodels? Find info here:

Can you go into a sauna when you have dreadlocks?

What to think of before you get dreadlocks

How to take care of dreadlocks in general

Now I want to know from you what is it that you want to learn about dreadlocks? 


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