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seienstyle loctician students Mar 18, 2019

Hi guys!

My name is Tove I’m the creator of Charmydreads. You can find me in Gothenburg, in the cozy Majorna.

I have always wonder if the only thing I have to look forward to is the retire? The thought of me going to work five days a week and working nine to five for the rest of my life, make me wanna puke. 

When I made the decision to work my ass off to become a dreadlock artist, I didn’t believed that I was going to make it. Why? Because all your entire life you have been taught not to assert yourself. You are not better than anyone else! But the thing is that I don’t think I’m better, I just cannot stand the feeling of being a slave of something I don’t believe in. I had to take a stand and start to do something about it! In less than a year I have educated myself and open up the cutest salon for only dreadlocks creation. The salon is my freezon were I’m the one who make my own rules. When I’m with my clients and help them to create their dream hair, time flies and before you know it it’s time to go home. 

It’s time for the future to come and I’m more ready than ever.  

Also I would like to share some of the work that I have done the last month with you:

Catrin came to me for some dreadloving. 

3-4 hours feels like a blink of an eye when you having a good chat. 

When she left I was like always filled with good reflections of life.

I fall asleep with a silly smile on my face. 


Malin came here today from Jönköping to get some dreadloving. Jönköping is 1h and 45 minutes from here. She told me that she went to a cafeteria the other day and saw a girl with nice dreadlocks and they started chatting. This girl told her that she had her locks made at #charmydreads and the funny thing is that Malin already have booked her appointment. Wow this world is a small place! This story really made my day. 

This is Jonathan, he came to me to get some maintenance. He comes from France but lives in Gothenburg. We ended up talking french for three hours about ourselves and our lives. Peoples life storys can sometimes make you catch your breath.

 It felt like a blink of an eye, and we were done. 

Today I did a home visit at Peter's house. Doing home visits gives me this special feeling. ☺️


After dreadlock maintenace!


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