Dreadlocks in Los Angeles

Apr 15, 2019

This year I will be in Los Angeles area in August and end of October and when I'm in Los Angeles you can get the dreadlocks of your dreams while I'm in town or why not learn the Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks by me?  

I'm Ann-Marie the owner of Seienstyle and the creator of the Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks. It has been my passion to make dreadlocks for the past 20 years so I have loads of experience and can help you get the dreadlocks that you have always dreamed of.

The dreadlock services that I offer are:


Here you can find some images of the work that I have done with dreadlocks:






Please do not hesitate to contact me about getting the dreadlocks of your dreams. Get on the waiting list by using this link:


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