How to become a loctician

loctician classes Feb 04, 2020

Is your dream to become a loctician or maybe you would like to know more about what you need to do in order to become a loctician? 

You have this huge dream of becoming a loctician but you have no plan on how you

can become one and what is it that you have to do step-by-step in order to be able

to thrive as a loctician, or maybe you are interested to see if becoming a loctician is

something for you?

Trust me I have been there and I have spent countless hours here and there not

knowing what to focus on and what to do in order to be able to get the right

education needed to know everything that I need to know about dreadlocks in

order to feel secure when I’m doing them and not knowing what to answer when it

comes to my clients questions.

It took me many years of testing and studying my clients hair and trying out new

methods in order to really get to know what I had to do for my clients to have an

awesome dreadlock journey. Because having dreadlocks is a journey and

dreadlocks are really something that evolves overtime and knowing what your

clients can expect from their dreadlock journey is really vital. To this day two

decades into my career of being a loctician, I still wake up with a smile on my face

walking to work with joy inside of my body happy to meet the next person that I get

to spend time with and help them on their journey in life. Because working with

dreadlocks is so much more then just doing a hair for someone, it is a moment that

you spend together with this person, most of the time that person have had this

dream for a very long time and that person has been going back and forth in their

own mind ”Should I get dreadlocks or should I not…? What will people say, how will

people react to me at work, will people treat me in a different way? Will it look


And the list goes on and on. So it as much about making a beautiful head of

dreadlocks or maintain your clients dreadlocks as it is about being there for your

client and support them in any way possible and make sure that they feel secure

and seen by you when they are in your salon for their dreadlock transformation.


This is the first part of my book: How to become a loctician

Do you feel the calling and want to know more? Then you can download your own free copy here:


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