Heidi Seienstyle affiliate shows how to install SE synthetic dreadlocks!

Mar 24, 2019

We have got a lot of questions on how to attach single ended dreadlocks into your hair. Heidi my Seienstyle Affiliate in Finland from Root & Color was kind and took the time to do a video and share with all of you how you can attach Single ended dreadlocks into your dreadlocks as a fun decoration. They are really amazing and looking really good and it is an easy way of decorating your dreadlocks with fun colors so that you will feel that they look great!  So if you are tired of your dreadlocks and need a change maybe this can inspire you! 

Do you want to get to know Heidi more check out a live stream that I did with her a few weeks ago: https://www.seienstyle.com/blog/Meet%20my%20Affiliate%20Heidi%20from%20Roots%20&%20Color%20from%20Finland

Do you want to learn more about where to find Heidi find info here: https://www.seienstyle.com/heidi-stenberg-loctician-in-jakobstad-finland

We would love to hear what more do you want to learn about dreadlocks? 

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