Internet marketing for businesses with a physical location

Dec 04, 2017

You’ve been working really hard on building your business idea and struggled to get the final pieces in place. You’ve launched your company, but no one is coming to your store or is buying your services.

What happened?

These days we’re constantly bombarded with digital information via your smartphone, computer, tv and advertisement when your out walking in a city, on the radio etc.

We’re living with a constant digital noise.

Do you ever get the feeling that there was something you should’ve done but you can’t remember what it was?

This is because we’re being overloaded with so much information that we’re finding it difficult to concentrate and react to everything that’s coming our way.

What do you do to find the best wedding photographer close to were you’ve decided to get married?
We use Google to anything, a suggestion is to write “wedding photographer Bali” (if it’s were the wedding will be)


A couple of years ago, everybody used to read the local newspaper.

You placed an ad when you launched a new business and it worked, customers came shopping.

Ask yourself the question; Who’s your customer base?

Will it work to place an ad in the local newspaper?

What I’ve learned during the last 17 years, from being self-employed in Sweden, is that if you don’t exist on the internet, you basically don’t exist.

If you’re not active on social media, customers will think that you’ve stopped working.


I know what you’re thinking, oh no, does this mean that I’ll have to work even more, I have no clue how all these new online medias work etc…

Keep calm!  =)


To understand how important it is to be seen online, on the internet, imagine this scenario:

You’re getting married, the wedding is not in your hometown and it’s really important to you to get beautiful pictures of the wedding.

How do you go about finding the best wedding photographer that’s located close to where you’ve chosen to get married?

What I do is; I use Google, write ”wedding photographer Bali” (if that’s where the wedding is taking place), or ”wedding photographer Indonesia”.

I’ll then see a lot of suggestions for photographers, some of their websites I’ll like and some I won’t.

The ones that I instinctively like have managed to create a feeling of trust, they can capture what I feel is important in photos and I get a vibe that this photographer/person is somebody that I can have at my wedding.

Most people won’t invite whoever to their wedding.

The next step I usually take is to take a closer look at the photographers I like and see what their social media accounts look like.

Some seems to be posting anything randomly, from pics of their lunch boxes to representative pics mixed with private stuff.

That gives the impression that they’re not professional enough, no this is definitely not my future wedding photographer!

Others are only posting pics that show what they’re good at, different jobs they’ve done and they’re also writing about the whole process of photographing a wedding.

These photographers will of course be on top of my list!



Ask yourself:

A future client is looking for a company that’s offering what you have, will they be able to find you online?

If the client finds you, does your website communicate the right message you want to send out?

Does your social media accounts send out the right message?

When I finally understood how I should market my business and hair salon online, I went from clients having to wait 2 weeks for an appointment to get their hair done to them having to wait 8 weeks!

We made this blog to hopefully inspire you to better understand how to find your Own voice, how to use it online and in social media, and how to look at your marketing plan for your company and to reach a larger customer base.

Remember, that it’s really important to work with something that you, yourself believe in and that you enjoy doing and make that show throughout your whole company, in all aspects of it.

If you deeply feel that you want to change the way you do your business, how you do business and where, then why not change your complete life situation so that you can live and work with something that you love doing and have a more free life where you will wake in the morning feeling pleased and happy.

This is Not about that you don’t have to work, but rather How you work, and Where!

That’s what Workaholiday 24 Seven is all about  =)

Andy & Ann-Marie

owners of Workaholiday 24 Seven

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