Loc / Dreadlock classes follow to our loctician workshop in Los Angeles

loctician classes Feb 01, 2020

In August of 2020 me and Alin from Dollylocks hosted a Loc / dreadlock class for locticians that want to become master locticians.

Follow along with the preparing of the class in this video:


We begin the day with going through loctician business things, what you need to think of to run your loctician business smothly. 

The different loctician shares different storys from their lifes of working as a loctician.

We had people from all over Usa to join us in this workshop.

Alin showing some of her technique of maintaining dreadlocks.

Knowing how to maintain dreadlocks for your clients is important and you need to know how to fix some problems that might show up for you.

Now the locticians will get to work.

We are talking about different problems that might appear and how you need to be holding your body to be able to work without getting issues in the future.

Ann-Marie talking about posture of your body and hand holding, what happens to the different parts of your body depending on how you are using your tools. How can you use a technique of doing dreadlocks that will last you a long time.

Even if you have years of experience of working with dreadlocks then going into the basics and really going through the technique see how can you start to work smarter and not harder. We have to be very aware of this so that you will last a long time and you will not get issues with your body.

Practicing the root tie.

The moment that you get the aha moment.

The hair model finished with her dreadlock maintenance and now it is time to take photos of the work.

Follow along in this video in the full day of us working.

Are you a loctician or are you dreaming of becoming a loctician? We offer both basic and advanced courses, more info can be found here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Seienstyle-dreadlock-courses

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about your loctician journey [email protected]

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