Loc / Dreadlock classes follow to our loctician workshop in Amsterdam

loctician classes Mar 01, 2020
Loc / Dreadlock classes follow to our loctician workshop in Amsterdam

The last weekend in February I got to spend together with 15 locticians in different stages of their  loctician career some are just starting out and some have over 10 years of experience. To be a loctician can be a lonely road becuause there is not there many locticians out there so it has been super important for me to be able to build up a community for the locticians that I educate and to give them something that I did not have when I started out over 20 years ago. 

These girls traveled from all over the world to come to this training and to get more experience and not only learn from me but to learn from echother.

Anticipation before starting the first hairmodel of the weekend.

This is our first hairmodel she flew in from Uk just to be our hairmodel, she was not happy with the dreadlock extensions that she had, she thought they feelt boring and dead in the color so we took some of them out, totaly and made new dreadlocks and we extanged all the dreadlock extenders to new once to create more depth into her hair and we also made some maintenace on her dreadlocks.

The girls are taking out the extensions

Here is our other model that also is a Seienstyle student, we created dreadlocks with extensions for her hair.

Many hands at work

Follow along in this video to see what we were up to the full weekend! 

Discussing dreadlock techniqes.

Practicing and learning how to work smarter and not harder and make sure that you have a good posture is super important!


Here is one of the locticians getting her maintenace while making dreadlocks, multitasking is something that locticians are good at.

We are not only creating dreadlocks we are also talking about how to run your loctician business in a healthy way so that it does not drain you and so that you can thrive as a loctician.

I'm giving the girls alot of things to think of.

Here is the dreadlocks extenders that was created over the weekend.

Here are the locticians that joined me for an amazing loctician weekend in Amsterdam.


















Is your dream to become a loctician? 

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