Loctician course with Liz and Kerin, see how we make dreadlocks with extensions

loctician classes Feb 01, 2020

Lizz and Kerin from Lizz Kidder studio https://lizkidderstudio.com/ in Massachusetts decided to come and see me and do a one day VIP training to work more on their dreadlock techniqe and be more afficiant in their work.

 We are hanging out in the back yard and working on their dreadlock techniqe, I give them tips on how to work in a better way without having pain and without overworking the dreadlocks.

Follow along the full day in this video.

Our model for the day is one of the Seienstyle affiliates Veronica from Diosa dreadlocks situated in California and she does travel alot in her buss doing dreadlocks while traveling. https://instagram.com/diosadreads


The dreadlock creation process ins in the making.

We are doing dreadlocks with extensions for Veronica.

Follow along Liz and Kerin on their jounrney to come and work with me.

Liz, Veronica, Ann-Marie and Kerin

The finished product Veronica finaly have dreadlocks again another dreadlock journey have started.

Do you want to learn how to make dreadlocks? Find out more about the courses that I offer here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Seienstyle-dreadlock-courses

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