Loctician course with Zarah from Denver Colorado, see how remake these dreadlock extenders

loctician classes Feb 17, 2020
Loctician course with Zarah from Denver Colorado, dreadlock extenders

Follow along a day together with Zarah when she did hands on loctician training together with me. The prodject we had was another Seienstyle student Krista being our hairmodel. She was not happy with her dreadlocks and she needed a change. 

Alot of color and bleach had broken Kristys dreadlocks. 

Follow along in our day in the video above! 

Dreadlock education: putting on bleach on dreadlocks can make the hair very dry and make them start to break apart.

Here you see that her own hair is moving away for her extension due to the quality of her own hair and the hair extension due to chemical treatment.

Zarah and Kristi enjoying themselfs.

We were cutting off the dreadlocks totaly and just started to extend the dreadlocks as close to the root as possible.

More dreadlocks are in the creation.

We have mixed up about 4 different hair colors in the dreadlock extenders for the new dreadlocks that we are creating.

I do not only offer hands on loctician training classes I also offer a online loctician class for both beginners and and advanced loctician training for you that have minimum on year experience of doing dreadlocks.  All so that you can become a certified loctician and get the clients that you do want to have through your door.

Here is the new dreadlocks extenders creating throught our day together with Kristi.

At the neck we have made the dreadlocks a bit darker and added some lighter dreadlocks on the top.

It is important to take good photos of your work so that you can show off your creation.

Us three together!

Here is Krisit from Orange county that offer her loctician services with her new dreadlocks.

Here is Zarah a now Seienstyle affiliate that you can find in Denver Colorado you can see more of her work and her contact details here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Zarah-Anliot-loctician-in-Denver-Colorado-USA

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