Loctician course with Zarah from Denver Colorado, see how we make dreadlocks with extensions

loctician classes Jan 28, 2020

Zarah practicing some of the Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks before her first hairmodel arrives.

Zarah taking before pictures of our hairmodel that came to get dreadlocks with extensions of human hair.

Here is her hair before her dreadlocks started to be created.

The first dreadlocks are being created.

Alot of concentration is going on.

And some laughter! 

Zarah is enjoying her creation of dreadlocks with extensions

Taking different photos from different angles is very important so that you can share the work that you have done! 

Here you see our creation of dreadlocks with extensions


Me and Zarah together! 


Do you want o learn how we make dreadlocks with extensions join one of our courses find out more here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Seienstyle-dreadlock-courses

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