Loctician license do I need one?

Nov 05, 2018
Loctician license do I need one?
One of the most common questions that I get is if you have to have a special license in order to be a loctician and run my own dreadlock salon, every country and if you are from America then there might be different laws depending on what state you are from. So I’m going to list information about places thru out the world what is needed if your dream is to become a loctician.
Please contact your own government in order to really know that this information is accurate at this moment. If you find anything that is out of date please email me at [email protected] and I can update this list! Thanks! (It is hard for me to keep track of what is happening in each country at all time phew…..) 

Alabama: Special Braiding License Required more info- https://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/search/al/hair-braiding
More info about cosmetology license: http://www.aboc.state.al.us/
Alaska: Full Cosmetology License Required
Arizona: No license is required
Arkansas: No license is required
California: No license is required
Colorado: No license is required
Conneticut: No license is required
Delaware: No license is required
Florida: Special Braiding License Required - https://www.floridaonlinecosmetology.com/hair-braiders.aspx
Georgia: No license is required
Idaho: Full Cosmetology License Required https://www.cosmetology-license.com/idaho/
Hawaii: Full Cosmetology License Required https://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/faq/license-requirements/hawaii option hairstyling license
Illinois: Special Braiding License Required https://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/search/il/hair-braiding
Indiana: No license is required
Iowa: No license is required
Kansas: No license is required
Kentucky: No license is required
Louisiana: Special Braiding License Required- A completely separate “braiding” license is offered. (1000 hours of training required) Info about changes happening: https://ij.org/action/braiding-battle-bayou-state/ 
Manie: No license is required
Maryland: No license is required
Michigan: No license is required
Minnesota: Special Braiding License Required-  Mandatory safety and sanitation hours required. https://rossbeautyacademy.com/products/mnlicense
Mississippi: No license is required
Missouri: Full Cosmetology License Required- https://www.cosmetology-license.com/missouri/
Nebraska: No license is required
Nevada: Special Braiding License Required- https://www.beautyschoolsdirectory.com/search/nv/hair-braiding
New Hampshire: No license is required
New Jersey: Full Cosmetology License Required https://www.cosmetology-license.com/new-jersey/
New York: Special Braiding License Required- One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding. http://www.mibeautyschoolny.com/NaturalHairStyling.html
North Carolina: Special Braiding License Required- One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding (300 hours of training required) https://beautyschools.com/states/north-carolina/hair-braiding/
North Dakota: Full Cosmetology License Required
Ohio: You need to register a Boutique Services Registration that costs $75 info about it you can find here: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4713.69v1
Oklahoma: Special Braiding License Required- A completely separate “Braiding” license is offered in our State (600 hours of training required).
Oregon: Special Braiding License Required
Pennsylvania: Special Braiding License Required- A completely separate “Braiding” license is offered in our State (300 hours of training required).
Rhode Island: Full Cosmetology License Required
South Carolina: Special Braiding License Required-  Braiding is under Barbering, only 6 hours of safety and sanitation required. https://premieronlineedu.com/courses/sc-natural-hair-braiding/
South Dakota: No license is required
Tennessee: Special Braiding License Required
Texas: No license is required
Utah: No license is required
Vermont: Full Cosmetology License Required
Virginia: No license is required
Washington: No license is required
West Virginia: No license is required 
Wisconsin: Full Cosmetology License Required
Wyoming: Full Cosmetology License Required

Ontario: No special license is needed
British Columbia: No special license is needed

Sweden: No license is required, your studio have to be inspected by the health department of the government and you need to start your own company.
Denmark: No license is required,  you need to start your own company.
Holland / Netherlands: No license is required,  you need to start your own company and you need to apply for a permit from the municipality.
United Kingdom:
Ireland: No license is required,  you need to start your own company.

Australia: No license is required,  you need to start your own company.
New Zeeland: No license is required,  you need to start your own company.
To find info about this we do recommend that you look for the info about braiding license is required, you have to remember that being a loctician is a fairly new job and in some counties there are no regulations of this just yet.


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