Loctician class with Molly- learn how to make dreadlocks

loctician classes Apr 05, 2020

Part of The Professional Loctician Online Course my students can choose to work with me hands on for a few days to get direct training together with me. 

Molly from https://www.instagram.com/serpentine.dreadlocks/ decided to jump on the opportunity of getting the hands on training together with me. 

Day one we were working on dreadlock maintenance and extending some dreadlocks on a hair model.

Here is the before picture



Here is some video to follow along during our day:

After our dreadlock maintenance and extend some dreadlocks

Day two:

Molly practicing extending dreadlocks in the backyard of our house.

Day two we were working on dreadlock with extensions on a hair model.


Here is the before picture




Here is a video where you get a sneak peak of us working thruout the day:


I had two super fun days together with Molly and our models and seeing how the creations of dreadlocks can connect us world wide! 

Molly is a super talented loctician and you can find her in Las Vegas and she travels a bit so do not hesitate to contact her to see what travel plans she has at this moment. 

Contact her thru: 



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