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loctician classes Feb 02, 2020
So many locticians have contacted me asking Ann-Marie when are you doing a loctician advance course? 
I want to train with you but I feel that the course that you have is to basic for me! 
It was time for me to start to think outside of my own box and give you what you have been asking for.
I have put together an advanced loctician course for you that are in the loctician industry and you want to take your business to the next level. 
This program is right for you if you feel that you are open and willing to be coachable and willing to look at your loctician business from a new perspective.
if you would like to have the perfect marketing strategy for your business
If you would like to learn the seienstyle method of doing dreadlocks and learn how to work smarter not harder. The seienstyle method of doing dreadlocks is so much about working the correct way so that your body will last longer.
If you would like to learn what needs to be on your website so it will make people immediately want to book an appointment with you.
If you want to learn how to take professional photos and videos of your work so it shows the beauty of your work
If you want to get clear on what you need to do in order to scale your business and make sure that you are making more profit in your business.
If you want to change your money mindset so that you will start to attract more of it into your life
If you are not scared of stepping into the authority that you are 
You are willing to jump into this program with an open mind so that you can scale your business. 
Info about The professional loctician online course- Advanced 
Price point: $1997 one payment 
Payment plan $199 per month for 12 months
Learn the Seienstyle thechniqe of doing dreadlocks and become a Seienstyle affiliate and get advanced business and marketing education 
What you will need to do in the advanced course: 
  • Do maniqen head with the seienstyle technique of doing dreadlocks sep number one
  • 2 Hair model dreadlocks on the own hair with seienstyle technique of doing dreadlocks
  • 2 Hair model dreadlocks with extensions with seienstyle technique of doing dreadlocks
  • 2 Hair model dreadlock maintenance with seienstyle technique of doing dreadlock maintenace
  • 2 Hair model dreadlock extenders with seienstyle technique of doing dreadlocks
  • 1 hair model synthetic dreadlocks with the seienstyle theqnike of doing synthetic dreadlocks.
Bonuses included are a small course on how to maintain your dreadlocks at home, so that you can give you clients the best info. How to make dreadlock decorations small extra course, and learn the all natural human hair extension method how to do natural hairextensions to earn some extra money.
You will get coaching by Ann-Marie through our community where she will guide you with your work.
In the business and marketing training you will learn everything from managing your time, how to look at your financial situation and how to build up a selling website where your future clients wants to book an appointment with you and attract new clients through your online presence both on your website and on social media. No more flying blind on what step to take next. You will just follow the process that you get.
When you have finished all of these hair models after the instructions given by Seienstyle and you have gotten ok from Us you will become an official Seienstyle affiliate. 
You will leave this program with a clear plan to follow to generate more revenue to your salon business and you will have a  great base to work from. No more overwhelmed or painful body, you will see in your bank account that all the hard work that you are doing will pay off! 
At this moment the course is open for enrollment and last day to enroll is on the 1st of may.
Are you ready to join? 
Please email us at [email protected] to take the leap and become a certified loctician! 

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