Meet my affiliate loctician Desiree from Hair envy from Denmark

seienstyle loctician students Apr 30, 2019

This month my student Desiree of the professional loctician online course: 
Have passed all her final exams and are now an official Seienstyle affiliate! Congratulations Desiree! She is now the first Seienstyle affiliate in Denmark!
Yesterday I was chatting with her about what it is like to become a loctician and her journey of how she started to make synthetic dreadlocks and how now she has moved into the path of making real dreadlocks as well. 
Now when she has passed the course she has taken the leap and desided to start to work on her salon full time.
Make sure to watch the video to get to know Desiree and if you want to get your hair done by her here is her contact details:
If you have any questions for me or Desiree please do not hesitate to contact us!
Lots of love

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