See some of the dreadlock work made by Ann-Marie

dreadlocks May 07, 2020
See some of the dreadlock work made by Ann-Marie from Seienstyle

I wanted to share some of the work that I do in the salon so I have gathered some photos for you to see the transformations that are taken place in the Seienstyle salon. All of this work is made by me Ann-Marie the owner of Seienstyle.

Here is a before photo of Karolina that came to me with a wish of having loooong blond dreadlocks. 

Here you have the finished dreadlocks with extensions, that I made of human hair, the process is that I first create a dreadlock of my clients own hair and then I add the human hair to make a longer dreadlock.

I have mixed several colors to match my clients hair.

Karin was super exited to have the long dreadlocks that she always dreamed of.

This is Constanca from Portugal that contacted me after trying to created her own dreadlocks with her sister and they soon realised that it was not as easy as they thought it would be. The result was not as the dreadlocks that Constanca was dreaming of.

Here is another photo of Constansa before her dreadlocks was created!

Here is after I have created her Dreadlocks, it is only of her own hair, and we left the dreadlocks with pointy ends so that she would not loose to much of the length of her own hair.

Up close of the dreadlocks.

Constanas finaly got the dreadlocks of her dreams.

This is Yemisi that wanted a change with her dreadlocks, the ends were frigal from beeing bleached and she wanted some length in her dreadlocks that she has had for a very long time.

I mixed different blonds to make the dreadlocks looks more of a natural blond color in the ends of the hair.

She was very happy with the new length to her hair. 

Each and every persons wishes about their dream hair. This is my client Anna that came to me with a dream of partial dreadlocks that I created for her. It is about 1/5 of her hair that is let loose on the top part of her hair and the rest of it is made into dreadlocks and some length is added with human hair extensions.
Anna felt at home in her dreadlocks as soon as I started to create them for her.

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