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loctician classes Jul 08, 2019
This winter I was thinking of how can I get all my students to come together and get to know eachother so that they know what they are not alone. The internet is amazing when it comes to keep in contact with people but I feel that when you get together with people that are doing the same thing as you magic can happen.
So I decided to invite all the students of the professional loctician online course to a workshop in my salon in Stockholm Sweden. I asked them what it was that they want to have out of the two days together and what is it that they want to work on.
A lot of the locticians in our community wanted to work more with synthetic dreadlocks so I decided to ask Renate from Dreadshop (that is also train in real dreadlocks by me)  to share her knowledge from working with synthetic dreads. 
We also had Alin from Dollylocks join us to share the knowledge about the Dollylocks dreadlock product brand how to use all the products and how it can help us as locticians and also for clients how can it make dreadheads have more beautiful dreadlocks! 
We started by meeting up at a bar / restaurant on the friday evening for everyone that wanted to join and hang out here you can see what we were up to! 

Day one

Day one we started with a long talk about what were the intentions of the weekend together and we ended up talking alot about what it is that the locticians are struggeling with and how can we change our mindset in order to move forward and become better as locticians.

After Renate took the floor and shared alot about synthetic dreadlocks and together with the other locticians they installed Renates new synthetic dreadlocks "Renates locks of love" on Diana that also works together with Renate at dreadshop. (learn more about Renates locks of love here: ) 

The locticians got to learn other techniqes on installing synthetic dreadlocks and also different dreadlock decorations.

 In this video you can follow us along in day one of the workshop:

Day two

We chatted fist about what we have gone thru during day one and then Alin shared everything that we needed to know about the Dollylocks dreadlock products :

We continued after lunch with two hair clients to come in. So that the locticians could get to work.

First transformation was Cornelia that had one of her friends creating dreadlocks for her this is the before picture:



And we have Pålle come in for some dreadlock maintanace his dreadlocks had really grown together so the locticians had a big job to seperate them and really fix the hair.


Here is a video of the day:

After the workshop Me, Alin and Renate went live and shared our experience over the weekend:


We had an amazing weekend together and I could never dream of that I would have such amazing people inside of my program! Thanks for an amazing weekend! 


We will continue to do one workshop in Los Angeles in August and one in St. Petesburg Florida in October you can find more info about the workshops here: 

The workshops are open to both Seienstyle students and locticians that have minimum one year of working experience with dreadlocks. Looking forward to have you join us for fun days! 

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