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Part of my online course the professional loctician online course I offer Vip days for the person that feels that they want to have more hands on training. 

Last week I had the honor of spending time together with Jamie from Hair Maiden in Florida USA.  She has been working thru the online course and doing so much amazing work and she came to Sweden to get more hands on help on perfecting the technique and really dive deep into the art of making dreadlocks in order to be able to provide the best possible dreadlock services for her clients. 
For the VIP days I always talk to the student before hand and ask what is it that you want to have out of the days with me, what is it that you really need to work on because all student have different needs and come in with different type of knowledge and I do want to design these days according to what you want and need.
With Jamie she wanted to talk about business and how to structure her salon back home, what she should think of in depth on her website and social media and she wanted to work on real dreadlocks with extensions and learn synthetic dreadlocks hands on. 
So we started the first day of going in depth of what it is that she wants for her business and I guided her into what is important for her in her business.
Before lunch our first model Olivia came to get her new dreadlocks made with extensions.
In this video you can see some snapshots from our day together with Olivia:

Second day we continue the business conversation for two hours in the morning and then we moved into working on synthetic dreadlocks and this was the first time for Jamie.

We had our second model joining us, Carina for her new synthetic dreadlocks.

Check out some snapshots of the day that we did together here: 

It was truly amazing to get to know Jamie and I know it will not be long until we get to work together again.

Are you intrested in learning more about my courses please have a look here:

The VIP courses can be offered in Stockholm Sweden, Mallorca, Bali (where I frequetly travel) and if you want me to come to you that can always be arrange for an extra charge. 

Do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Lots of Love Ann-Marie  

This is me and Jamie together! 

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