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seienstyle loctician students Dec 10, 2019
“Destniee is a professional hair stylist and cosmetology teacher. She had been looking for a loctician to do her dreadlocks for while when she found me. I created long beautiful dreadlocks using color matched human hair extensions. She was very happy with the result and said she will be a walking advertisement of my beautiful work. We spend a whole day together, seeing and hearing her gratitude during this experience grew my confidence in my own skills and abilities.”

“Kate wanted dreadlocks for years before she had a friend try to do it for her. The attempt was unsuccessful and the waiting for her hair to recover gave time to do more research. She found me on IG via Seienstyle and seized the opportunity to become my hair model for a full head of dreadlocks without any extensions. It’s amazing when people understand dreadlocks is a journey and Kate loves her locs and they are maturing beautifully.”
Student: Zarah Anliot
Find me: Dread Vibez Llc, Denver, Colorado
Contact info:
+1 (720) 965 9603
Platte Street, Denver CO

Vicky says:
This is my first model Tamara. She wanted real dreads for a very long time.
As i was very nervous to do dreads for the very first time, Tamara was so excited... we talked a lot about life. The time was speeding! When i was finished she was so happy! Now, some time later... she is catching up with me and telling me how happy she is... maybe she needed to do real dreads much sooner!
That's what made me feel do satisfied and happy too!

Siddal says:

This is my client Jo. I started her dreadlocks almost 2 years ago. She recently came in to have her synthetic extensions removed and replaced with human hair extensions. She had a brain tumor and has dealt with many difficulties since then but says that when she got her dreadlocks they made her feel more like herself again. I love seeing her and talking with her about her many animals, her love of Iceland and her art. I am so thankful I can help make her hair dreams come true!

Helix Salon Seattle WA
2508 5th Ave Seattle WA 98121

Samirah says:
Baylie (see photos underneath) approached me at a coffee shop, because she saw my dreadlocks and said she loved them and it's always been her dream hair. I told her I was a seienstyle student and I am becoming a loctician and that I could make it happen for her. She had shoulder length hair and she has always wanted long hair so we did a full head with extensions. She wanted it to ombre to blonde so we got human hair to work with. We had an amazing time together and such great results. She said she got the hair of her dreams and that felt amazing to hear. She was such a joy to work on and it was an experience I will never forget.
Student: samirah
You can find me: ShebaDreadlocks Facebook and Instagram
Contact info:
Stockton California

Rebecca says:
This is my beautiful model Sarah. She found me on the Seienstyle FB group. She wanted to start her journey again with dreads. I gave her dreadlocks with extensions and we talked about almost everything under the moon. She absolutely loves her dreads and how they turned out and is excited about her journey to come. My biggest  moment in doing Sarah’s hair was the realization and confidence I gained by doing each dread.  It was definitely a wonderful journey for me to be on as well.
Rebecca Finkenbinder
You can find me at Sea Salt Dreads in Galveston Texas U.S.A.
Contact me at [email protected]


Lisa says: 
My last model, for the seinestyle course was my Husband(Chris).  He always support me in everything i set my mind to do.  He always had a clean cut like in the picture shown.  In April he started to let his hair grow.  And as it grew one day i just started to braid it back, and he decided to keep it like that for work during the week.  On Saturday i would take them out for church on Sunday.  One day he said can you dread my hair is it long enough i can be your model.  At that time it wasnt long enough for him to be a model.  My hubby is so supportive of my work, and such a motivator to me.  The moment of truth is he was my last dread model for the Professional Loctician course by Ann-Marie.  I know this is his love for me, and my passion gave him the courage, and desire to be part of my journey.   True love ❤ is possible! (soon will be 30yrs Feb 5, 2020)
Student: Lisa 
You can find me in: Plant City, Florida
Contact info:  

Student: Lindsey Williams
Find Me: She Leif Dreadlock Studio, Lexington, South Carolina
Contact Info: [email protected]
+1(208) 270 2811
Lindsay says:
Today my client and I were talking about using human hair for dreadlock extensions.  I told him that I knew a loctician before who felt very negatively about using human hair and that it was unethical for many reasons.  But today my client said that he thinks it's actually a really neat thing! He said,  "If you think about it,  that hair has gone through everything with that other person and now you get to take it on another journey."
There is so much growth that happens during a person's dreadlock "journey", mind, body,  and spirit.  I love getting to know my clients and feeling the connection between our life stories.  I feel like everybody that I meet with dreadlocks has a lot of BIG stories to tell. Most people think that a "dread journey" is all about the hair and how it's changing.  I think the true dread journey happens on the inside of a person as they change and grow and mature into the person they've always wanted to be.


Student: Lindsey Gander


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