The first Seienstyle Loctician course one year ago

loctician classes Sep 14, 2018

Exactly one year ago I began an amazing journey together with six lovely girls. I decided to listen to what everyone that have been telling me for years that they wanted to learn how to make dreadlocks like me and how to run a dreadlock salon like me and become a professional loctician.

I had been hesitant for years because I had old thought patterns and ideas that it was not something for me and I had to do some soul searching and digging deep down inside of me to heal some old wounds so I could rise up and become the teacher that I always ment to become. 
Because when you are hesitant towards something and you might think that there is a lac of something then we always have to look within ourselves and see what is the shift that I need to do within myself in order to thrive.
I remember that I barley could sleep the night before all the students would arrive and I was worried about all kinds of things. What if I’m not able to teach them what is needed? 
The first day we went thru all the basics about making dreadlocks and the girls started to work on their doll. 


Day two I was fixing coffee and tea down in the kitchen and when I walked upstairs to the salon I found all my students working away on making dreadlocks on their dolls when class haven’t even started yet 😃 HAHAHAHA what is it that I have created.
The students were a bit scared and hesitant because they knew that today they were going to start to make dreadlocks on real life models.
The assignment for the second day is to create dreadlocks on a hairmodel and dreadlocks with extensions on another hairmodel.

Dreadlocks on our hairmodel, dreadlocks made by my students:

 Dreadlocks with extensions made by my students on Nadia that also is now a Seienstyle affiliate:

Day two was a long day with two new dreadheads being created and me and the girls were together for over 14 hours to create this magic. 

Day three started early again we are going thru dreadlock product knolage  and it was time to do dreadlock maintenance on two hairmodels and also extending their dreadlocks and then a synthetic dreads hairmodel. Yes it is going to be another long day.


Dreadlock maintenance and new loose ends to Cecilias dreads made by the students.


Dreadlock extenders and dreadlock maintenance


The girls are not stopping they are continuing working on eachothers hairs after 12 hours in the salon! =)


Synthetic dreadlocks made by my students: 

Day four we are talking about the psychology behind business and how you need to think in order to attract the right clients to you. 

I would never image that it would be so fun to teach people to make dreadlocks and if you think that the course is just about doing dreadlocks then I want to tell you that it is about so much more then that. In order to be a professional loctitan then you have to be able to have a strong minde and you have to be able to guide people and help your clients in their every day life. Because as soon as you start to touch someones hair something magical happens and you almost get to become someones therapist. 😃  So I’m also teaching what it all is about and how you can become strong and move passed the things that are stopping you in thriving as a human.


This is what I wrote when we were finished after 4 days of making dreadlocks and one day of making hair extensions.
Five long intensive days of dreadlock making and creating hairextensions has come to an end. 
I'm so happy, proud and grateful that Heidi @rootsandcolor , Hanna @apelsinhanna , Emelie @emilicuus , Karolina @karolinahaga, Daniela @campanamandala and  decided to take this huge step in changing their lives and steering it towards a professional career in making dreadlocks!
It's been long days filled with joy, laughter, and loads of dreadlocks of course.
I'm so proud that all of the girls managed to learn these skills!
Something magical happened at the course that I could never have imagined, all of us has created a unique special friendship that will last a lifetime and this has just blown me away! 😊🙏💗
I also want to give a huge thanks to our models:
Ingrid, Nadia @rawlionheart , Cecilia @ceciliahyren , Magnus @mrtolf and Helene our dreadlock models and Christel and Maria our hair extension models.
We are grateful to you for letting us "borrow" your hair and for being so patient with having loads of people, at the same time, working on your hair.
The girls will now go home and then the second part of the training will start, and that is for them to do their own dreadlocks (and hair extensions for some) on hair models before they will be a part of Seienstyle's network of professional loctitans!
So what have happend the last year for my students? 
Hanna Seienstyle official affiliate was a full time hairdresser working as an employee at a salon, within 8 months she has quit her old job and opened her own salon and is she is now mainly focusing on making dreadlocks. You can find Hanna in Trollhättan Sweden :
 Heidi Seienstyle official affiliate worked as an eco hairdresser renting a chair in a salon when she came to the course, within six months she found her own space, opened her own salon and now she mainly focus on working with dreadlocks. You can find Heidi in Jacobstad Finland:
Daniella Seienstyle official affiliate has a wide backround in fitness and spa and healing work and was working as a spa therapis, within this past year she has decided to take her own path running everything thru her own business and make people more beautifull with dreadlocks and heal what is needed within. You can find Daniella in Uppsala Sweden:
Emelie Seienstyle official affiliate was working at a kindergarden when she started the course, she was dreaming of becoming more creative and wanted to start to do something for her self, she has now quite her old job do dreadlocks part time in her own salon and has now started an make up artist education to get more creativitiy in her life. You can find Emelie in Kungsbacka Sweden:

Is your dream to become a professional loctician?

I now offer an online course in becoming a professional loctician and part of that course you can choose the VIP packege and come and learn from me in the salon in sweden as well.  Learn more about the course here:


One more time I would like to thank all the girls of group one to join me on this journey I could not be more proud over the work that you are producing and the love that you are spreading over the world! 

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