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loctician classes Jan 09, 2022

I get asked this question all the time Ann-Marie how can I become a loctician? It looks so cool what it is that you do and I would like to do that kind of work aswell!


By just watching a few videos on YouTube, you will definitely not be able to call yourself a loctician.

This might trigger you when I say that?

Let me explain my view on what it takes to become a loctician.

For the past 20 years I have made dreadlocks and maintained dreadlocks for people from all over the world, from the very beginning back in 1996 when I started to figure out myself on how to make dreadlocks and I am 100% honest that my own very first attempts on doing dreadlocks was not a beautiful sight…


The very best decision I did was to find a mentor and become trained by someone that had the experience that I wanted, so in 2000 I went to London and got trained by Sonia Petersen the founder of Hairpolice.

This opened me to a whole new world, it didn’t need to be that hard to make dreadlocks, she thought me the basics of making dreadlocks and all about working smarter and not harder.

Coming back to Sweden I thought that I would do a few hairs a week while taking a course at the university, but within a few months hair took over my life completely.

Within a year people started to travel from all over Sweden to come and get their hair done by me.


I have continued to get training in different dreadlock techniques and in business and marketing, because I feel that I will never be fully learnt and a passion of mine is to keep on exploring and growing as a human.


You have three different paths that you can take, if becoming a loctician is something that you want to become:


1. Take the long road:

Read this book and take it all in, sit down and search on Google and read everything that you can find about being a loctician, look at videos on YouTube and start to learn and figure out everything on your own. This is going to be a long process, you will have to do a lot of trial and error before you really know what steps to take and you will not really have a road map to follow or someone to guide you in order to become the best loctician that you possibly can.


2. Find a mentor:

See if you can find a loctician that is willing to train you and that you can work side by side with for a while, so that you can learn the in and outs of being a loctician. My best advice for you, if this is the step that you want to take, is to make sure that you really like the work and the technique that that loctician is doing.

Also, do you like the energy that the loctician has? Can you deal with being around that person?

If you have all that checked off on your list, how much will you need to pay to become trained by this person? What time period? What will be included in your training?

Make sure to write out a contract for all of this so that you have one copy and your mentor will have one and make sure to add how everything is going to be paid.

This is all so that you feel secure and also so that your mentor will feel secure about this deal that you have just made.

Please do me a favor and do this for yourself because I have heard horror stories about things going on with this type of things and people that have been ripped off, so I’m giving you this advice from the bottom of my heart!


3. Take my Online Course:

For the past two years, I have trained over 100 locticians that have gone through my online program on how to become a professional loctician.

I have put together the proven roadmap on everything that you need to know to become a professional loctician, so it is just up to you to join the program, look through all the videos and get to work.

You will get direct coaching from me via an online platform and I will be there to guide you when you are doing your hair models so that you know that you are doing the work correctly.

One amazing thing is that I have been able to attract an amazing group of locticians that will also be there for you and cheer you on throughout your loctician journey.

I have created the platform that I wish was there for me when I started out.


Do you feel that this sounds interesting?

Answer this email and we can start to chat about how this can become a reality for you!


Start to go for your dreams because people are waiting for you to blossom into the best version of yourself!


Lots of love, Ann-Marie



PS. In April 2022 I’m going to host a FREE training: "The proven path to become a Loctician”.

Make sure to sign up for this Workshop:

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