Dreadlock course in Stockholm in the Seienstyle salon

course Aug 15, 2023
Dreadlock course in Stockholm


Do you feel the calling to learn how to create and maintain locs and start your own loctician salon?
Now you have a uniqe chance to learn from Ann-Marie the creator of Seienstyle and the Seienstyle process of creating, maintaining and extending locs. Ann-Marie has worked with locs for over 20 years and created this method so that you can work with locs without being affraid of hurting your body and work fast and have a hair that lasts.


The Date: 20,21,22 of October 2023 you have the chance to join a three day loctician education where we will work together in a small group there will be maximum 4 students. We are going to work both on real clients and you will get real guidence direktly from Ann-MArie on starting locs, maintainin locs extending locs and a full day of synthetic locs methods.
Before the hands on class you will get access to the online course "The Professional Loctician Online Course" where you will get a chance to practice the basics before joining the hands on class. This is becasue you will get to the course with the basics so that you will get the most out of the two day hands on class.
To become a certified Seienstyle loctician you will need to do a few hair models when you get home so that you can show that you have taken the knowledge that you have learned and that you can do the work by yourself.


Course date: 20,21,22 of October 2023
Time: We start at 10:00 am and we will work all day until you are finished with the hairmodels so do not book anything in the evening
Max 4 students
Before arriving you will need to have done your homework provided by Ann-Marie and get an OK before joining the class.
Location: Seienstyle salon in Stockholm: pampas marina / Stockholm
Teacher: Ann-Marie christell the creator of Seienstyle
Your investment: $2699 can be payed by card, Swish or klarna
The course will be held in english
If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out: [email protected] 
What you get when you enroll:
  • Three days hands-on training 20,21,22 of October 2023 (value $10.000)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course The professional loctician online course (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included (value $1997)
  • Lifetime Access to our support community (value $200)
  • Personalized feedback and coaching by Ann-Marie (value $1000)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course How to take care of your dreadlocks at home(you get lifetime access and all future updates are included) (value $500)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course Build your converting website! (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included) (value $500)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course Dreadlock decoration masterclass (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included)(value $99)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course Syntethic dreads with the Seienstyle process (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included)(value $499)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course 30 day social media challenge (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included)(value $99)
  • Seienstyle professional loctician certificate when you have completed your homework
What to expect from the three days hands-on training:
  • Work on both mannequin heads and on real life models, we will work both with real dreadlocks and synthetic dreadlocks as well so that you will get a wide range of services to offer to your clients
  • You will get hands on guidance from Ann-Marie in your work
  • Real life practice on great photography and video both before and after with the hair models for the class
  • You will get a unique experience that will transform how you see your hairstyling business and what you can do to thrive with the learning how to create, maintain and extend locs with the Seienstyle process!
  • Small class of maximum 4 students
  • Please note that you will get some homework to do before arriving to the class you will need to get an ok from Ann-Marie in order to attend the class, please make sure to do this in time otherwise we will not be able to attend.




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