Dreadlocks in Helsinki- get your dream dreadlocks today!

seienstyle loctician students Apr 26, 2019

Seienstyle affiliate tours next stop is Helsinki! 

The Seienstyle affiliates that are joining are Tove from Charmydreads, Heidi from Roots & Color, Desiree from Hair envy extensions cliniqe and Ann-Marie from Seienstyle.

We will be in Helsinki offering our dreadlock services 6-9th of June! Book your appointment already now and get those dreadlocks that you always have dreamed of! 

Here is some inspiration of what we offer:

Work by Tove from Charmydreads, learn more about her here: https://www.seienstyle.com/tove-gor-dreadlocks-i-goteborg


Work by Heidi from Roots & Color, learn more about her here: 


Work by Ann-Marie from Seienstyle, learn more about her here: https://www.seienstyle.com 

Work by Desiree from Hair envy extensions cliniqe  learn more about her here:



Don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of your questions about your wishes, our services and price estimations !


Ann-Marie, Seienstyle :  [email protected] 

Tove, Charmydreads: [email protected]

Heidi, Roots&Color: [email protected]

Desiree, Hair envy extensions cliniqe:  [email protected]


We really hope to get to meet you on our tour and create some magic together!

Lots of love, Ann-Marie, Tove, Desiree and Heidi

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