Loctician course - learn how to make dreadlocks in Minnesota

Jan 01, 2014
Are you ready to take a leap into a new way of living? 
Learn how to make beautiful dreadlocks and create a loctician business to get you the freedom to work from wherever you want!

You will help the world become a more beautiful place with one dreadhead at a time and feel fullfilled with the loctician work that you will do, your life will be so much more fun and fulfilling and you will be able to provide financially for you and your family to create the freedom in life that you always dreamed of.

Let me paint a picture:
You are finished for the day in your own salon, you turn off the lights and you feel fulfilled with joy and you feel that you have made a huge impact in your clients life!
Your client gave you a big hug at the end of the session and with tears and joy in your clients eyes you saw the gratitude that your client has towards you.
You were the person that made her dreadlock dream come true and the whole energy around your client has shifted comparing to how she looked when she arrived.
You feel that you want to pinch your arm because two years ago you were going to a dead end job, working 9-5, where you felt that your soul was sucked out of you everyday, now you feel energized and you look forward to the next person that you will help out.
When you come home it is time to pack your bags, in the morning you are flying out to meet up with some of the other Seienstyle affiliates for the "Seienstyle affiliate tour" to do dreadlocks together with a group of amazing fellow locticians that have become close friends to you.
You feel gratitude and joy of being part of this amazing community and that you dared to take the leap and join The Professional Loctician Online Course!
Here are some dreadlocks that I have made and this is what you will learn!
I offer both hands on courses and a online course in how to become a professional loctician depending on what it is that you need. When you have finished our loctician course you will become a certified loctician. 
More info about the course can be found here: 
If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me on email [email protected] and I will guide you on your path to learn how to make dreadlocks and become a professional loctician.
If you feel deep down in your heart that this is calling you then it would be an hounour to have you as a part of the Seienstyle professional locticians! Take the leap and join our community and your life path will change.

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