Loctician course with Veronika from Czech Republic, see how we make dreadlocks with extensions

loctician classes Feb 04, 2020

Selfie before the day begins, you can tell that a new friendship is being started already now.

Our model is super exited to get the dreadlocks that she has always dreamed of. She could not belive that it was about to happen that day. Veronica is up for a challenge of creating dreadlocks with extensions for the first time ever! 

Here is our models hair before.


See a full video of the loctician course day one with Veronika from the Czech republic how we create dreadlocks with extensions with some extra synthetic dreadlocks as extra color and volume to the hair.

It has started, the creation of the dreadlocks with extensions.

First the dreadlock is created of the models hair and then the human hair attached and with that an extension is created.

Sectioning off the hair is very imoportant so that you will have a good system to the dreadlocks and they lie good on the head.

Here is the dreadlocks with extensions with some extra syntehtic dreadlocks finished! And now it is time to take photos!

The feeling when the work is finished is amazing and it makes such a huge difference on the whole appearence on our model.

 Do you want to learn how to make dreadlocks? Find out more about the courses that I offer here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Seienstyle-dreadlock-courses

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