One - on - one loctician coaching

Oct 03, 2021
Is your dream to grow your business in 2023, do you feel that you want to make more money and that you want to attract more of the right type of clients to your business?
Are you stuck in overwhelm not knowing what steps to take and maybe you feel that why is it working for everyone else and not me?
I have a solution for you! If you are anything like me you might think that working a bit more, bringing in more clients will do the trick, but you just end up drained because you are getting the wrong type of clients into your salon that does not value your expertise as a loctician and that does not value your time and what you charge.
This is where I was until I started to understand the importance of having a marketing strategy and different processes put into place that would make my business be less stressful and easier.
If you feel that you want to take the leap and grow your business to the next level in 2023 and you feel that you wish to do it in an easy way with some guidance then you are the right fit for my one on one loctician business coaching.
Under a 12 week journey you will transform the way that you are operating in your business, with the guidence from me Ann-Marie I will help you put together the processess that you need in your business in order to make your business to work easier.  The imporatnce here is what your business needs, we are all uniqe and we have to find what is it that is needed in your business to make it work in an easier way.
You will get weekly coaching calls together with me and daily coaching via email to get help on the things that you are working on between our sessions.
If you feel that you are ready to grow your loctician business and you want to do this with help of building out the process that you need in order to make your business run in a more easy way. Do you feel that you want someone to challenge you so that you can step into the best version of yourself so that you can help your clients in a bigger and better way.
Do you feel that you want to grow and have someone to put the light on your blindspots the things that you might not even know are important in growing your business.
Do you feel that you once and for all get an understanding of  the financial situation in your loctician business and want to start to tack it and grow?
Do you feel that now is the time to start to thrive rather then having a bounch of exussess of why you are not taking controll of your business and instead falling into overwhelme?
My goal with working with my clients is to get an understanding of what their situation is and get all the cards on the table, and then understand what the end goal is and see what is it that is missing and how can we take you to your end goal in the fastest way.
I have a huge tool bag of things that I use depending on what it is that you need in order for you to grow your business.
How it works:
  • Each week we have a 1 hour coaching call on the same day and time of the week during 12 weeks our first coaching call is 2 hours so that we can get to know eachother and so that I can get an understanding on what it is that you need in your business and what we need to focus on. 
  • After the introduction call I will set a scheduel of themes around the upcoming 11 coaching calls, between the calls you will get homework to do that will help grow your business
  • During the calls you get help and coaching over email with the things you are working on, I can guide you with eveything around your business. 
  • Our focus during our 12 weeks together is to build in your own strategies to follow to build your buisness so that you can scale your business with ease and not fall into overwhelme. Please note that I will give you work to do throught our 12 weeks together I will coach and guide you but it is you that needs to put in the time and create the stratey with the guides that is provided for you. Please note that we are not going to do the work for you.
  • You need to be open, be coachable, be willing to change, be willing to do the work that is needed, be willing to show up or yoursel.
Is now the time?
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