See what a day look like for me as a loctician in the Seienstyle sustainable dreadlock salon!

Jun 04, 2023

Yesterday on my way to the salon I started to think of how can I describe in the best way possible what a day in my life as a loctician looks like…


I got up in the morning and started my day with some meditative breathing and journaling while I was having my morning coffee. 

I got ready and picked out an outfit that makes me feel happy and that makes me feel empowered, the good thing about working as a loctician and running my business is that I get to wear what I want and I do not need to adapt myself after anyone else.


My first client of the day was one of my long time clients that has been coming to me for 4 times per year for over 17 years I think… 

It is always super fun to see her and hear what is going on in her life. The thing is that getting two hours together uninterrupted time with someone is a rare thing nowadays and when you have a longtime client like this you really form a special relationship over the years. I think that it is one of the things that has made me to continue this work for over +20 years. I helped her with her dreadlocks to clean them up and get her ready for her summer vacation and all the exciting plans that she has lined up for the summer. 


When I was finished with her hair I had 30 minutes for myself, I had time to clean up the salon, make some notes for future social media posts made a smoothie to drink while working, for me I do not like eating heavy food while working and it is so much easier to just drink something while working. 


My second client for the day was a girl that had a dream of having partial dreadlocks, we made a video consultation a few months back so that I can prepare hair and get an understanding of what it is that she wanted with her hair and she also could get a feeling if I was the right loctician for her.

I mixed about 5 different shades of browns and copper tones to match her own hair and make it look natural. When I do partial dreadlocks I see it as a dance, you do a few, get the client to feel how does it look, how do they blend together and how does it feel for her. Then you do a few more check and back and forth until she was 100% happy. 

We had a lovely time together with interesting conversations about everything from traveling around the world to brain science. 


I was finished with my day in the salon before 6pm and then it was time to go home to a lovely evening with my husband. 


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