Seienstyle affiliate tour London! Get your dream dreadlocks today!

Feb 16, 2019

We are taking it to the next level and going on tour!

Hey you! This is the Seienstyle affiliates Heidi , Hanna and Tove poppin-in to tell you about this journey we are about to take!  And we really want you in on it, where ever you are! Share this with us cuz it’s to exciting to miss!

So unbelievable how fast time goes when you are having fun! And suddenly it’s already been over a year since the first group , Hanna and Heidi among them , spent a week in Seienstyles salon learning about this technique to start creating beautiful dreadlocks! It started a journey we only imagined in our wildest dreams, doing what we love and doing it good! Running our own businesses making dreadlocks and dreams come thru for a living!

So we decided to take this skill with us out in the world by doing a Seienstyle affiliate DreadlockTour!

Tecniqually that means we are picking a location where we travel to (and we means any of the already affiliated locticians by Seienstyle) and offer our services , creating dreadlocks! We are super excited about this, to have the possibility to connect with likeminded people all over the world, and first up is London,UK!

The locticians joining the Londontour are Hanna from Rubadubroots, she’s a perfectionist and does amazing clean work in Sweden.

Tove from Charmydreads is located in Sweden and recently reopened scandinavias most popular dreadlockrelated webshop – !

Heidi is based in Finland with Roots&Color, and has already her own signature style in partialdreads!  We are  really looking forward to working together and it will be an adventure we will remember forever!

The thrill from doing what we love drives us in helping others find the same high! Like when you have been dreaming about that statement hair, those long dreadlocks, but somethings always been holding you back from taking that step, and when you finally decide to go for it! To choose you! And you see yourself in the mirror, you will feel amazing about it and it will show! That, people, is worth everything!

We are now taking bookings for our time in London that is in April 6-7. You can get in contact with the tour loctician you like and book your appointment to get those locks or maybe the maintenance that you need. It will be a memorable session,  with a unique piece of art to take with as the result!

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of your questions about your wishes, our services and priceestimations !


Hanna, Rubadubroots : [email protected]

Tove, Charmydreads: [email protected]

Heidi, Roots&Color: [email protected]


We really hope to get to meet you on our tour and create some magic together!

See you in London Baby! All the Love// Heidi, Hanna & Tove

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