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Seienstyle Students

seienstyle students Jan 07, 2019

Meet my students that has gone thru training together with me. I have them divided into two parts. The Seienstyle affiliates, they are the students that has gone thru the whole course and have passed all their final exams and done all the extra hair models to be an Seienstyle affiliate.  The other part is the Students that has gone thru the training but have decided not to become an affiliate.

I have decided to make this list because some people are walking around saying that they have been trained by me but they haven't. You also have the people that are going thru the training at this moment. 


The Seienstyle Affiliates

Hanna Johansson - Trollhättan Sweden-

Daniela La Campanela  - Uppsala Sweden-

Emelie Nordqvist - Kungsbacka Sweden-

Linda Stenson Levin - Åhus Sweden- [email protected]

Mia Giddens - Sweden-

Therese Walter - Kramfors Sweden-

Nadia Rüfenacht - -Arth Schwiterland - [email protected]

Heidi Stenberg - -Jacobstad Finland -

Claudia Defreze-- Dublin CA USA-

Tove Folkesson-Göteborg Sweden-

Verónica Campos Long beach California Usa- [email protected]

Kathleen Van Geyt - Antwerp Belgium - [email protected]

Hanna Johansson -Värmland Sweden -

Laura Maan- Holland -

Jamie Robinson- Florida USA-

Valeria Jaslovská - Slovakia  [email protected]

Renate Meijnders Australia [email protected]

Desirèe D'Aniello  Denmark [email protected]

Mitzi Naiser Texas USA [email protected]


The students that are going thru the course:

Bex Gould Ireland  [email protected]

Zyon Velázquez Illinois USA [email protected]
Monica Torbjørnsdatter Hansen Norway   [email protected]

Caroline Kohl Schwiterland [email protected]

Lisa Robinson - Florida USA -[email protected]

Rebecca Le Bar California USA [email protected]

Nef Powell UK [email protected]
Milja Kiviharju- Helsinki Finland- [email protected]
Anja Jørgensen- Slangerup Denmark- [email protected]

Birgitta Ericsson -Åkerby Styckebruk Sweden- [email protected]

Susanne Pedersen- Moss Norway-[email protected]

Irene Ramirez- San Benito Texas USA-[email protected]

samirah gaber- stockton California USA- [email protected]

Xavier Salgado -Sacramento California USA -[email protected]

Sandra Farmer- Seattle Washington USA -[email protected]

Jessie Turner- Spring Hill Florida USA -[email protected]

Leah Tafa- Wellington New Zealand - [email protected]

Ty Fu -Kaneohe Hawaii USA- [email protected]

Marija Pasajeva - Stockholm Sweden -[email protected]

Riikka Niemi - Nastola Finland- [email protected]

Carrie Monroe- Northampton UK- [email protected]

Bobbi Winter Wäppling- Kvissleby Sweden- [email protected]

Lindsay Gander- Corunna Canada - [email protected]

Shakera Yearwood-  Edmonton Canada -  [email protected]

Mollie Karter- Las Vegas Nevada USA -[email protected]

katie mcloughlin San mateo California USA  - [email protected]

Esther Francis -Nazareth Belgium- [email protected]

Veronika Kyselova-  Ceske Budejovice Czec Republic- [email protected]

Jenna Ingles- Dorchester UK- [email protected]

April Martin- Mcpherson Kansas USA -[email protected]

Anja Lundqvist -Umeå Sweden -[email protected]

Frida Nordén -Kävlinge Sweden- [email protected]

Aubrey McCollum -Inman South Carolina USA -[email protected]

Lorraine Sealey- Philadelphia PA USA: [email protected]


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