Seienstyle Students - find your loctician

Jan 07, 2019

Meet my students that has gone thru training together with me. I have them divided into two parts. The Seienstyle affiliates, they are the students that has gone thru the whole course and have passed all their final exams and done all the extra hair models to be an Seienstyle affiliate.  The other part is the Students that has gone thru the training but have decided not to become an affiliate.

I have decided to make this list because some people are walking around saying that they have been trained by me but they haven't. You also have the people that are going thru the training at this moment.  Please note that the people on this map are the students that are inside of our programs or have finished the programs. Click on the map to find contact info to the Seienstyle loctician that is closest to you.

Are you intrested in learning The Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks? Find our courses here:

 We have people from all over the world that wants to have their hairdone with the Seienstyle techniqe! 


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