Synthetic dreadlock hands-on course

synthetic dreadlocks Jan 11, 2022
Synthetic dreadlock hands-on course
Is it time for you to learn how to make your own synthetic dreadlocks and offer syntehtic dreadlocks to your clients or why not start your own syntehtic dreadlocks salon?
After alot of enquery I will for the first time offer a one day hands- on training in Synthetic dreadlocks in the Seienstyle dreadlocks salon in Stockholm .
I have been working with syntehtic dreadlocks for over 20 years and I have tried so manny different techniqes to achive what your clients want, I have gathetherd my favorite techniqes with synthetic dreadlocks that I will teach you so that you can have a wide range of syntehtic dreads to offer.
Course date: March 18th 2022
Place: Seienstyle Salon in Stockholm
Maximum 6 students so we will be a small group
Time: We start at 10am and we will be working all day and it might be long into the evenining so do not book your trip home until the day after.
 Teacher: Ann-Marie Christell the founder of Seienstyle
Requirement: All students and hair models will be needing to show a negative covid test taken the day before for everyones safety
 Your investment: $499 (payment can be done with card, swish or klarna)
The Synthetic dreadlock course will be held in english. 
Vad du kan förvänta dig av kursen i salongen:
  • Vi kommer jobba på både dockor och riktiga modeller
  • Du kommer få direkt coachning av Ann-Marie
  • Vi kommer gå igenom:
  • How to make single ended dreadlocks both crocheted and un crocheted dreads
  • How to make double ended dreadlocks both crocheted and un crocheted dreads
  • You will learn how to make curly dreadlocks
  • You will learn how to make the new version of dreadlocks with curly loose hair
  • You will learn Faux locs installation
  • We will go through and work on different attachments: pinch braids, braids, fishtail braid
Du får inte bara en dags utbildningen i synthet dreads du får även våran digitala kurs som du kan ha som extra minne och vidare utbildning:
  • Lifetime Access till online kursen Synthetic dreads with the Seienstyle process (du får alla uppdateringar som kommer göras i framtiden värde: 4999sek
  • Lifetime Access till online kursen 30 day social media challenge (du får alla uppdateringar som kommer göras i framtiden värde: 2999sek)
  • Lifetime Access till vårat online support community (värde 2000sek)
  • Diplom i Synthetic dreadlocks with the Seienstyle process när du har gjort klart alla dina hårmodeller enligt instruktionerna.
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