Temporary partial dreads

partial dreads Jan 18, 2022
Temporary partial  dreads
Do you feel like you want to try out to have dreadlocks but you might not dare to make the commitment of having real dreadlocks? I have just developed a new method of having partial dreadlocks with a temporary solution that is something for you that want to try out dreadlocks without worrying of what will happen to my own hair after.

The picture above, my client before trying out "Temporary partial dreads with The Seienstyle Process"

How does "Temporary partial dreads with the Seienstyle process" work?
Your own hair is braided in small braids where a hair weft of human hair is sown on, the hair weft is created into dreadlocks after the style that you the client wants to have.
Your own hair is not locked up with "Temporary partial dreads with the Seienstyle process"
How long does it last?
For  your hair to grow in a natural way we recommend that you come for a reattachment every 8 weeks. The weft is being removed and the braids is re braided and attached again.
The same weft of dreadlocks can be used over and over again for several years. During some of the reattachments we might gently need to go over the dreadlocks with a crochet hook just to make sure that the dreadlocks are looking great.

This is a brand new method created by Ann-Marie Christell the founder and creator of Seienstyle, this is part of a natural hair extension method that I have created Serene Flow wave  for hairstylists that wants to offer hair extensions in a non toxic way.
Learn more about this hair extension method here: https://www.serene-flow.com/
Do you want to learn this new method  "Temporary partial dreads with the Seienstyle process" email us at [email protected]

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