The professional loctician in person training day 1 Nov 2022

Nov 23, 2022

In the video above you can see more of what we were up to during the day!

We started our professional loctician in person training with meeting up the day before it all starts with a lovely Indian meal, it is great to be able to sit down and chat with the students before we get to work. It is a chance for us to get to know each other so it is easier to get to work before it all starts. 

My students got some homework before they arrived to the class, it is to practice the basics of the techniques so that they have gotten an understanding of what it is that we are going to do so that they will get the most out of the class. 

My goal for day one is to to go through The Seienstyle process of dreadlocks with extensions and get the students to master it with practice on a real live model with my guidance. 

This is Cristels hair before we started to create her new dreadlocks with extensions.

Here we are going through taking before photos of our hairmodel for the day Cristel that let us help her get the dreadlocks that she always wanted. 

During our class we went through how to plan the head, how to help natural grey hair to lock up faster because it can be hard for natural grey hair to mature into a dreadlock and how to add extra synthetic dreadlocks as extra volume or fun colour pieces into the hair.

It was not only me that came with suprices for the students, Mother Nature gave us a real show with loads of snow and my student Liana got to see snow for her second time in life. Check the video down below for the reactions =)

All the students are helping and creating the hair as we go along.

The students that joined me for this class were:

Annette from Netherlands : 

Amanda from Sweden :

Liana from Australia :

Bec from United Kingdom: 

They all are looking for hairmodels to finish their loctician education so that they can become certified locticians by Seienstyle so if you want to be a hairmodel reach out to the one that is closes to you to see if you are a fit to be a hairmodel!

This was the first in person class that I'm hosting is this space that I have had for about 6 months and as the day went we noticed that 4 students with me is a perfect fit for this space and hosting this type of class.

To created dreadlocks with extensions takes a lot of patience and dedication to the craft, it is really a handicraft that can be hard to learn, but I saw the amazing progress the girls were making through out the day.

Anette is making sure that Cristel is looking great for her after photo, something that is so important when you are taking photos, we always have to remember that our before and after photos of our work is part of our portfolio that will help and attract clients to our work.

Here is the end results of my students work of the day dreadlock with extensions with some extra purple synthetic dreadlocks in. 



Day one was a long day and we all went to bed after finishing Crystals hair. 

See what we did day 2: 

See what we did day 3: 

Do you want to learn how to do this in a hands on class. Here you can find info about our next hands on class so that you can learn how to create dreadlocks with extensions like this. 




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