The professional loctician in person training day 2 Nov 2022

Mar 07, 2023

In the video above you can see more of what we were up to during the day!

Day 2 of The professional loctician in person training started for me in chaos, the amount of snow that came down the night had made Stockholm go nuts. The recommendations were to stay inside and do not go out in traffic, I tried to catch a cab, buss and ended up taking the subway after a lot of back and forth. 

When starting the class in the morning the girls had gotten so many a ha moments and really got to know each other really well so me getting a word in before our model arrived was hard. It is amazing to see how fast we all have gotten to know eathother and created a connection that I believe will be for life. 


Our model for the day was Johanne that traveled all the way from Norway to get her hair done. She already had dreadlocks and came to get some dreadlock maintenance and some new extenders and loose hair ends on her dreadlocks.


My intention for this day is to teach the students how to maintain locs and how to extend mature locs and that can be tricky if the loc is  really mature. 

All the girls were ready to jump in and get on with the work and ready to learn more new things, the great thing with teaching the class in person is that I can help the students shifting the way that they are working with their hands on a much detailed way. We are also working with posture while working.


" The Seienstyle process is the most holistic way of creating, maintaining and extending locs both for the loctician and for the client"
  • It is a holistic approach to create, maintain and extend dreadlocks.
  • With this method you will be able to create new dreadlocks, maintain dreads, extend dreads on anyone that comes through your door, you are able to do all of these services on any type of hair texture. You will never need to say no to anyone because of the texture of their hair!
  • The crochet technique is gentle on your hands, so you do not need to worry about bleeding hands or pain in your hands from creating locs.
  • No hair  products are needed to the services so your clients does not need to worry about having sticky hair.
  • A big part of the Seienstyle process is to work in a holistic way, you will become guided to get the best tools and furniture to be able to work in good conditions so that you can have a great posture in your body while working and maintain that so that you can work for many years to come.
  • It is a loc method that is inclusive, you will be able to offer all loc services people will ask for and you can help any one it does not matter what hair texture they have.
  • Less pain in the scalp for the client while you are working.
  • Less pain in your hands or body while working.
  • By creating locs with the seienstyle process you will speed up the maturing process of the clients locs so that the hair learn from day one that is should start to grow together into the beautiful form of a loc. No days of the awkward loc stages.

You can see how the girls are focusing on the craft that they are creating. 


The students that joined me for this class were:

Annette from Netherlands  

Amanda from Sweden 

Liana from Australia 

Bec from United Kingdom

They all are looking for hairmodels to finish their loctician education so that they can become certified locticians by Seienstyle so if you want to be a hairmodel reach out to the one that is closes to you to see if you are a fit to be a hairmodel!

Here is the lovely results after we were finished with Johannes hair, all the roots are cleaned up, and a new flowy end is added with different shades of blond and copper. A nice way of freshen up the hair. 

After finishing up for the day we ended up grabbing dinner together and looking out the window seeing the snow that keept on coming all day and night. 


See what we did day 1:

See what we did day 3: 

Do you want to learn how to do this in a hands on class. Here you can find info about our next hands on class so that you can learn how to maintain and extend dreadlocks like this. 


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