The professional loctician in person training day 3 Nov 2022

Mar 07, 2023

In the video above you can see more of what we were up to during the day!

Day three in our hands on loctician class is all about learning something new, this day is all about learning a way of attaching synthetic dreadlocks that is a solution for the people that does not want to go all in and make the commitment that real dreadlocks is.
What I tought the girls in the class a universal attachment method that you can use for loose hair, braids, dreadlocks yes an all around method.
Todays work was to use this method and use curly synthetic hair to do a mixture of curly hair and dreadlocks that I call "Curly loose synthetic dreadlocks with the seienstyle process"

The girls are learning how to make the curly loose synthetic dreadlocks.

This is what our client Hannas hair looked like before


Here you see the attachment is starting.

More creation

Sneak peak on what it looks like.

Here you can see Hanna in her lovley hair from behind.

Here you can see Hanna from the side.

Here you can see Hanna from the front.

Here is me together with the awsome girls that joined me for these three amazing days. 


Here is what we did day one:

Here is what we did day two: 

Do you want to learn how to do this in a hands on class. Here you can find info about our next hands on class so that you can learn how to create curly loose synthetic dreads like this.  

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