What is the Seienstyle technique of creating locs / dreadlocks?

Aug 31, 2021
What is the Seienstyle technique of creating locs / dreadlocks?
Over the years when I started to create the dreadlock technique that is to day The Seienstyle Process my goal was how can I create dreadlocks without getting pain in my hands and in my body. How can I create a dreadlock that mature faster, and how can I make the dreadlock technique work for any type of hair texture.
With over 20 years of working with locs and a lot of tweaking and evolvement over the years and many many hours of working and also teaching the method The Seienstyle Process was born.
" The Seienstyle process is the most holistic way of creating, maintaining and extending locs both for the loctician and for the client"
What is the Seienstyle technique of creating locs / dreadlocks?
  • It is a holistic approach to create dreadlocks.
  • With this method you will be able to create new dreadlocks, maintain dreads, extend dreads on anyone that comes through your door, you are able to do all of these services on any type of hair texture. You will never need to say no to anyone because of the texture of their hair!
  • The crochet technique is gentle on your hands, so you do not need to worry about bleeding hands or pain in your hands from creating locs.
  • No hair  products are needed to the services so your clients does not need to worry about having sticky hair.
  • A big part of the Seienstyle process is to work in a holistic way, you will become guided to get the best tools and furniture to be able to work in good conditions so that you can have a great posture in your body while working and maintain that so that you can work for many years to come.
  • It is a loc method that is inclusive, you will be able to offer all loc services people will ask for and you can help any one it does not matter what hair texture they have.
  • Less pain in the scalp for the client while you are working.
  • Less pain in your hands or body while working.
  • It also helps the hair that grows out to lock up faster while it grows without endless root rubbing
  • By creating locs with She Seienstyle Process you will speed up the maturing process of the clients locs so that the hair learn from day one that is should start to grow together into the beautiful form of a loc. No days of the awkward loc stages.
What is The Seienstyle process of creating dreadlocks?
The method is a mixture of back combing, crocheting and a root-tie all this forms the hair into a beautiful dreadlock that will both mature in a fast way and also looks amazing from day one. The great thing with the Seienstyle process of creating dreadlocks is also that you will not loose so much length of the hair when you create dreadlocks with this method.
The Seienstyle process do not stop at just creating dreadlocks it is an over all loc system to:
  • create locs 
  • maintain locs
  • create locks with extensions
  • extend locs
  • synthetic dreads creation + installment with 5 different methods
  • petit locs - create, maintain and extend
  • all the services are adaptable so that you can create the hair of your clients dreams.
How can you learn The Seienstyle Process of creating dreadlocks?
We offer both hands-on classes and online classes in the methods. You can either decide to learn the full system or learn just one part of the method. Learn more about our classes here: https://www.seienstyle.com/Seienstyle-dreadlock-courses

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