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My dreadlocks are too tight and too big, what should I do?

faq Mar 25, 2017

Todays faq dreadlock question is:

All of my dreads get bigger towards the bottom and then get so tight that I can’t work with them. How do I prevent/solve this? It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t very obvious and noticeable. I have one dread so big at the bottom that I’ve contemplated cutting it out 


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How can I get my dreadlocks to become softer?

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2017

Todays question is: My dreadlocks are sticky is there anything that I can do to make them soft again?


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How are your dreadlocks made? Pro and cons?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2017

How are your dreadlocks made?
What did you think was good about it and what was bad? Share your story in the comments below and we will make a community blog post about this:

  • h.a.r.m.o.n.y.b.r.iMine was down the natural way, but I do not have them in my head anymore but I miss them so much
  • banoscheseback combing & crochet... the first lady who did my hair didn't do a good job, then found someone else who cleaned up the mess ... almost 4 years & loving them
  • bhardtha1Natural neglect.... Really like that each dread is unique and the only downside is they do what they want, and you can't really control the over all outcome:)
  • mylocksflopHad mine started with the crochet method 3 years ago and haven't touched them since besides pulling them apart and whatnot
  • baderalsaadBack combing and crochet. Took 12 hours over 2 days but well worth it. Got 44 of them....
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Krista from Dreadlove and Ann-Marie answer questions about dreadlocks

dreadlock questions live Mar 04, 2017
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How should I care about my hair before I make dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017


In order to be able to have as good dreadlock journey as possible you can start to take care of your hair in a way so that you can prepare your hair to have dreadlocks. It is great to do this because your hair will get use to the dreadlock shampoo that is great to use when you have dreadlocks and you hair will want to lock up.

Check out this video and learn more of what it is that you should do to prepare your hair to be dreadlocks!

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How long hair do I need to have to start dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2017


This is a very common question that people that are interested in dreadlocks keep on asking.

Well there is not really a strait answer to this one I’m afraid.  It all depends on how thick your hair is, what technice you want to use when you will do your dreadlocks and who will make your dreadlocks (yourself or as a loctitian)


If you are getting dreadlocks done on your own hair I would say that you need 10-15cm minimum if you have caussian hair, if you have affro textured hair 5 cm works great to start dreadlocks. Remember the longer your hair is the better forming dreadlocks you will have in the future.

The shorter your hair is the more you will have dreadlocks that are standing out a lot from your head. You need at least the length of longer than sholder length if you don’t  want dreadlocks that are pointing strait out from your head from the beginning. Althou that they will point out from your head doesn’t last very long.

If you...

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A week at Seienstyle dreadlock and hair extension salon

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2017
Many people ask me if I do dreadlocks and hair extensions  for a living and if there really are that many dreadheads out there that want their hair done. Yes I’m a hair stylist for a living and I also work with some healing work. 
Most of my days are about making new dreadlocks, taking care of dreadlocks and doing hair extensions and taking some healing clients. 
Well then we have all the other stuff as taking care of our webshop and making tutorial for you and day to day stuff of running a business.
Just to show you what a week in my salon can look like I’ve done a small video to show you all what a week can look like for me. You can see in this video how different all my clients are and Im super happy to show them off for you.

This is Hanna she has partial of her hair dreaded. 


Today me and Hanna was trying to figure out how long ago I started her dreadlocks. We can’t remember maybe 3-4 years ago maby...

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How should I take care of free form dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2017


Today I'm answering the question how should I take care of free from dreadlocks. Free form dreadlocks is when someone decides to stop brushing the hair and let the hair just be and lock up by itself.

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