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Curly loose synthetic dreads

With the help of Curly loose synthetic dreads we can transform your hair into something totaly new with help of color and curls!

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Curly loose synthetic dreads

This hairstyle is a hybrid between loose hair and synthetic dreads. How big part is locked is up to you, some prefer just some loose hair and som wants most of it in loose. This is something that we can design for you so that you get the hair that you always dreamed of.

We have a wide range of hair that we can use in different colors so we can create the hair that you want. This is a temporary hairstyle that does not harm your own hair in any way.

Get the curly hair that you always dreamed of!

Be an inspiration for others and let your beauty radiate from the inside and out!

How does it work?

Your hair is braided around the locked part of the curly synthetic dread, it creates a beautifull wrap around the locked part that almost looks like artwork. 

You can wear the curly synthetic loose dreads for 8-12 weeks, you can then either decide to come or an reattachment or take them out. 

The syntethic curly loose dreads can be reused for about 6-9 months depending on how good you are taking care of your hair.

You can wash your hair as normal, the thing you can not do to this hairstyle is to use hoot tools like flat iron or a curling iron that will melt the hair.

Pris bild för Curly loose synthetic dreads

Priset för partial dreadlocks kan variera mycket beroende på exakt hur många dreads som du vill ha och om löshår ska användas eller ej, hur jag räknar priset är 1000kr i timmen för jobbet + löshårskostnad. För att få ett mera exact hum boka in en video konsultation så kan du få en pris uppskattning.


5000 SEK

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