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Make sure that you pay your deposit!

Thanks for your reservation!

I’m looking forward to making your dream come true!

For your reservation to be booked with me, a deposit needs to be paid at the same time as the reservation is made.

The deposit is a down payment of the total amount you will pay for your reservation.

You can choose to pay your deposit directly with Swish, PayPal or bank transfer to my plus giro account.

    1.    Pay the deposit within 2 business days of making the reservation. Your reservation will be cancelled if this is not done.

    2.    Send an email to [email protected] and let me know how you have paid the reservation.

    3.    Cancellation policy: If you have made a reservation for which I have to buy hair extensions, then the last cancellation date is 14 days before the reservation, for the deposit to be refunded.
If you have made a reservation for which I don’t have to buy any material, then the last time to cancel is 24 hours before the reservation.

    4.    Once I have received your email, I will check your payment and you will receive a confirmation of your reservation. You will also get instructions on what you need to know regarding your reservation.


Swish number:

123 226 94 13

Plusgiro account: 68760-8

Paypal: [email protected]

The accounts belongs to: Seienstyle AB / workaholiday 24 Seven AB

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