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Dreadlocks maintenance

Do you feel that it’s hard to do maintenance on your dreads yourself?

You can encounter various problems while you have dreadlocks, but for most of the problems there is a solution.

If you feel that it’s too hard to take care of your dreadlocks yourself, then you are welcome to come to me and get help.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your dreadlocks for a long time or if they are brand new, I can help you!


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How does it work?

For the last 26 years, I have been working with dreadlocks daily and through several educations and lots of hours I have developed my own method that gives you dreadlocks which will both mature fast and look beautiful right away when you leave my salon.

I start with dividing your hair and make sure that the dreads are separated, I then backcomb the regrowth and make sure that all your tiny hairs get into the right dreadlock, after that I then tie a synthetic fiber thread around your dreadlock at the root of the dread.

Then all loose hair is crocheted in and if you have bubbles or parts that need to be strengthened I will take care of that too.

Why do you use a string?

The string is applied for your hair to be kept separate and it also helps your regrowth to get matted faster when your hair grows.

How long does it take?

It takes me on average two hours to go through a whole head of dreadlocks.

In my booking calendar, you can choose to book between 1, 2 or 3 hours.

If you’re unsure what time to book - call me.

What does it cost?

I charge 1000 SEK per hour for dreadlocks maintenance, you pay for the time it takes to maintain your dreadlocks.

How often do I need dreadlocks maintenance?

This is a personal thing, some like it when the dreads are perfectly made and maintained while others like it when their dreads are a bit more wild.

You can come by from every third month to up to once a year, it all depends of course on how you take care of your dreadlocks in between the maintenance.

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Seienstyle is a sustainable hair salon

For me it is super important to work as eco friendly and non-toxic as possible and have an enviroment around me that is a reflection of this. Everything that I use in the salon is eco friendly and I work with holistic hair methods that gives a possibility to help you from the inside and out.

Find one of my students close to you!

You can find students all over the world that are trained in Seienstyle's unique technique of doing dreadlocks. Click on the link below to find one of Seienstyle's affiliates close to you.

"Got myself some dread loving ❤ by Ann-Marie yesterday. You're such a talented dread maker, your hands 👐🏼 do magic on peoples hair! You're an beautiful person both inside and outside 💎. Keep up the good work 👊🏼."

Hanna Andersson

"Professionell utan att förlora känslan av att bli sedd. Klippte av halva längden och fick lite underhåll. Mycket nöjd med resultatet. "

Linnéa Fröberg Idling

"Som alltid trevligt att komma till Anne-Marie! Är så himla nöjd med mina dreads!"

Malin Hosio

"Jag är mycket nöjd med underhållet av mina dreads. Tack ska du ha!"

Sandra Nordlund

"Så nöjd! Väldigt skön atmosfär och man blir väldigt bra omhändertagen! Kommer absolut tillbaka på dread lovin’ "

Elin Karis

"Äntligen någon som kunde fixa mina dreads! Ann-Marie är jätteduktig, mycket bra teknik - märktes att hon helt enkelt är proffs. Så glad att denna salong finns i Sverige! Väl investerade pengar "

Anna van der Tol

"Jag blev jätte nöjd över mina dreads efter att Ann-Marie gjorde underhåll på dom, helt klart värt den långa resan, rekommenderar henne starkt!"

Elin Eriksson

"Ann-Marie really brought my vision to life and I'm very happy and excited about the outcome :) she will take good care of your hair!"

Natasha Shishani

"Som alltid trevligt att komma till Anne-Marie! Är så himla nöjd med mina dreads!"

Malin Hosio

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Ask me anything about dreadlocks, I will also guide you in the world of dreadlocks!


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