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 It’s never too late to take the step towards your big dreams, I’m here to help and guide you to take the first step to your dream hair today!

I understand that taking the step to get your dream hair is big.

Your probably wondering what your family and coworkers will think?


”Will I be treated in a different way just because I change my hair?”


At the same time you feel that you have not been more dissatisfied with your hair, you would rather put a cap on your head every day.

I recognize your feelings, the reason that I even started experimenting with hair extensions and dreadlocks by the end of the 90’s was because I have always hated my own hair.

It’s a feeling that I can’t feel comfortable in my own body if I don’t like how I’m wearing my hair at the moment.

I’m here to help you!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, I have spent my entire career helping clients from all over the world to have their dream hair created.

My goal is to look at each client as an individual and see what’s right for that particular person.

How can I help you create your dream hair?


During the years since I started with this, I have been to London, New York and Toronto to get myself a wide and unique education in dreadlocks and hair extensions, this has led to that I nowadays have created my own unique techniques of my collected knowledge.
I have, amongst others, been featured in:


Are you a hairdresser, or do you dream of becoming a dreadlocks and hair extensions expert, then I’m right now offering specialist courses where you can learn different unique techniques that will allow you to help others get their dream hair.

Learn more about my courses!

I have, for as long as I can remember, felt a lack in that it should be possible to do more with my hair.

At an early age, I began experimenting and did different hairstyles with my hair, combined with a big art and handicraft interest.

By chance, I tried to help an acquaintance to do dreads in the mid 90’s.

You’re probably asking yourself, did it turn out any good?

Well, I can’t really say that, but it was a door that opened up to what you could do more with hair, things that were only in my dreams.

Later this led, after a lot of studying and working with hair, to where I am today.


One of the foundations of my profession is that I’m honest and have an incredible knowledge about hair, if you come to me as a customer and I’m hesitant that exactly what you’re dreaming of is something that will not work on your hair, then I will tell you so.

The most important thing for me is that I have satisfied customers, it gives me pleasure to see how happy the customers become and that I get to be there and change their looks and to be a part of their personal journey.


Take the step today, make an appointment to get your dream hair!


I look forward to meeting you!

Regards, Ann-Marie

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